AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Along the roadways in the Augusta area, it is something that catches your eye. 

“It looks overgrown,” said Cedric Wooten. 

“You see a lot of it?” 

“A lot of it,” said Cedric.  

The Sacred Heart Garden Festival is all about beautiful plants, but here they also find beauty in overgrowth on roadways because that provides food for things like the beautiful and important butterfly. 

“Sides of roads are great places to botanize, plant nerds like myself can get lost on a ten-foot stretch of roadways,” said Author and horticulturist Brie Arthur.  

So, to help insects like butterflies, there is a new movement sprouting up called “No Mow May” to encourage cities not to cut grass during the month.

“If you don’t mow it and you allow those plants to flower and they provide essential nutrients through their nectar for native pollinators, so No Mow May is like possibly the best thing everybody could get behind,” said Brie 

“No Mow May…I kind of like that idea. Plant less grass more flowers,” said Roxanne Birdsong. 

“I do like cutting the grass, if it’s going to help the environment that’s great, I love my flowers, I love my bees, so that would be great,” said Cedric. 

Augusta was into not mowing before it was a movement, but maybe the Garden City was just trying to show the butterflies some love.  

“I think they did,” said Cedric with a laugh. 

Way to Go Augusta. No Mow May, and maybe a few more months as well, nature will be glad you did.  

Out There Somewhere in Augusta, George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.