Out there…Somewhere: At The Patch they know the score

Out There Somewhere

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – A bad day on the golf course is better than a good day at work, or home as the case may be.

“Great to be here just what I needed,” said golfer John Holsonback.

Golfers back at Augusta Municipal Golf Course, better known as The Patch, where there’s a whole new meaning to playing it safe.

“It’s wonderful, the course is looking great, the weather is perfect and we’re doing the right thing,” said Reverend Larry Edmond, wearing a surgical mask,

Social distancing, not a problem.

“Not at all, easy to stay away from these guys we’re trying to do the right thing,” said Larry.

The course doing the right thing, keeping the golf cars wiped down and now scorecards that would be placed on the cart steering wheel have been removed, so getting an accurate count might be difficult.,

“How did you shoot?”

“I did shoot yes,” said golfer David Taylor.

Are there some golfers here that really don’t need a scorecard?”

“Absolutely, we just need the pencils with the erasers on the end,” said John.

“Do you play with people out here that even if they have a scorecard you can’t actually trust what’s on the scorecard?”

I play with a lot of people you can’t trust on the scorecard what are you kidding,” said veteran player Herman Barkley.

Golf is back at the Patch. Now you know the score.

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