“Out There…Somewhere”: As quiet as this simile

Out There Somewhere

(WJBF) – Hotter than a firecracker. That’s a simile. Do you know some others?

“Give me a simile for ‘hot’.”

“Hot as fire,” said Joyce Hyer.

“That’s a simile right.”

“Hades, I’ve heard worse,” Joyce said with a laugh.

Thursday was the Fourth of July. Chances are you heard about that, fireworks everywhere…

So it was really busy for those in the fireworks business.

“Fourth of July was real good,” said Chris Creel of Rodney’s Rockets.

“Yesterday was wall to wall people all day, it was wonderful,” said Joyce who also works for Rodney’s Rockets.

Look at the empty Shelves at Rodney’s Rockets in North Augusta, you can tell there were a lot of customers yesterday.

“And today?”

“It’s very quiet,” said Joyce.

Chris Creel says he had some many customers on the 4th, he needed help.

“We were on our feet pretty much the whole time we were out here from 9 a.m. to midnight,” said Chris.

“You told your guy today I don’t need you?”

“Yeah he’s off today,” said Chris.

Fireworks and the word quiet don’t often go together except…for this simile

“Quiet as a fireworks shop on the Fifth of July.”

“That works,” said Joyce.

You know it’s pretty common the day after Christmas people go to the stores to get decorations or wrapping paper because the prices are marked down. Here at the fireworks shop, you want your Mad Dog six inch canisters…no such luck. Still $99.99.

“Oh no we don’t mark them down. They’re on sale from the day we put them in every time,” said Joyce.

As quiet at the fireworks shop on the Fifth of July. Isn’t that as crazy as moonshine?

Out There Somewhere in North Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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