“Out There…Somewhere”: A crowd of 3….Wheelers

Out There Somewhere

AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – Their love of a certain 3-wheel vehicle brought them to this convention.

“My wife would call it a disease I think it is different people who have cars just love them,” said Graeme Addie, of Evans who owns 4 of them.

More than two dozen Morgan 3-Wheelers gathering in the Garden City, a rare event

“I’ve never seen as many three wheelers as this, together,” said Addie.

The Morgan’s are from England, but why would you want a British buggy with only three wheels

“All I’ve got are Morgan’s I can’t handle American cars it’s just a bunch of Morgan’s said Mark Braunstein of Orlando, Florida.

This 2016 Morgan is one of the newer ones here

“It’s just a lot of fun to drive it’s crazy to drive you can’t be in the witness protection program if you own one a crowd gathers every time you park,” said Lance Lipscomb, of Cumming Georgia.

Bob Barclay was putting a little air in his third wheel; he has the oldest Morgan here at 1929. It draws some attention when he’s driving it.

“Often an arm sticking out of a car with a cell phone doing a video or something going by you know,” said Bob who is from Ottawa Ontario, the Capital of Canada.

Now most of these Morgan maniacs trailed their vehicles here to Augusta not everyone some actually drove here.

“That’s what Jeff did, all the way from Minnesota.

“It was one thousand five hundred twenty five miles in a car with no top facing the sun for and a half days,” said Jeff Ingebrigtson of Minneapolis.

They like nothing better than to get behind the wheel of their Morgan 3 Wheelers the freedom of the open road, or maybe the “Threedom”

Out there somewhere in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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