EVANS, Ga. (WJBF) — The sports shops know this; the customers are going to the Dawgs.  

“There’s always interest in bulldog stuff, especially while we’re winning,” said store manager Cecil Muller. 

Georgia fans flocking to stores like the Fan Zone, got to be nattily dressed for the natty. 

“Bulldog merchandise is as hot as it has ever been, we’ve had a lot of fans in here,” said owner Bryan Kirkland.

It takes two to tango, we know Georgia merch is on fire around here, but are any folks stopping in the stores for TCU stuff?

“Not a single one, man, which is a good sign,” said Cecil.  

“Two, there’s been two, one was a gentleman who wanted some hats. I don’t have any Texas Christian,” said Bryan.

Would you sell the TCU if you could?  

“Absolutely, I’ll sell anything, Georgia Bulldogs number one, but I still like Ben Franklin too,” said Bryan.

Bulldogs — Athens, Georgia, TCU — Fort Worth, Texas. Do Bulldog fans know that? 

“Ahh, I’m not sure, I don’t know,” said Bryan. 

What town are they in? 

“Waco, Lubbock,” said Cecil. 

Does not matter?

“Right,” said Cecil. 

“Don’t really care I am ready to send them back there packing I know that,” said Bryan with a laugh. 

TCU fans are seeing red Out There Somewhere.