AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — It’s a tradition that they fully embrace at the Augusta Museum of History.

“I love this time of year, it’s almost when you come into the museum you feel like you’re getting a hug,” said Museum Executive Director Nancy Glaser.  

There’s a housing boom at the museum, as in gingerbread, but with a historic twist.  

You’ve got Sibley Mill in gingerbread, and there’s Gertrude Herbert, and the Aiken Train Depot pretty as a picture, visitors are being blown away.

“I’m flabbergasted because they must have taken a lot of hours to do this, and I would not have the patience,” said Conda Momcilovic.

It’s fun to check out the details on these sweet structures, like a wedding going on at the Wilcox Hotel and Santa himself is a guest.  

And turn back the clock to the prehistoric gingerbread scene of Stallings Island, how did these talented bakers know what it looked like?

“Their interpretation of it yes,” said Glaser.
“Artistic license?”
“Absolutely,” Glaser said.  

But these gingerbread points of interest are not just something to see. The plan is to auction off all the gingerbread buildings to help the museum. 

“It supports our program and exhibits yes it goes right back into our pot,” said Glaser.

 So, if you have a Jones for Gingerbread, you can be Noble, and head to the Museum.