“Out There…Somewhere”: Masks Augusta style

Out There Somewhere

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) Wearing a mask might give you some comfort against the coronavirus, and some say if I’m going to wear a mask I’m wearing it with style.

“Oh yes definitely, whatever expresses you if you want it green yellow turquoise whatever you want go for it I say,” said Kaylin Green.

You see masks that are colorful, and you got masks that send a message, go dawgs.

James Moore was downtown he was thinking a mask about Augusta would be cool.

“That would be great I don’t know who’s making those right now you got a lot of local businesses in this area looks like somebody would jump on that trend,” said James.

There’s a lot happening in the Garden City so what kind of masks opportunities are there.

Well how about a downtown train mask, it stops the coronavirus for 15 or 20 minutes, especially if you’re late for work,

Then there’s this the Commission zoom meeting mask, you wear it and then it wears you out.

The lake Olmstead Stadium mask, absolutely no coronavirus,and social distancing is no problem at all…

How about a mask for this Augusta landmark, one problem you put it on and then it comes right off.

The storm water fee mask, don’t know if it works at all, and it’s the most expensive.

so would you wear any of these.

“I wouldn’t mind, is is going to cover my face I’m going to go for it,” said Kaylin.

Now this mask would certainly be flying off the shelves the James Brown statue mask guaranteeing you would feel good,

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