GOUGH, Ga. (WJBF) — You see Jones and Broad Streets; it could be downtown Augusta but it’s not. But it’s a home sweet home for some.

“It’s a nice quiet place to live. I moved here about three years ago. I’ve loved it ever since it is like paradise,” said Cory Smitley. 

This paradise is a step back in time, a place to forget your troubles community. 

It’s this community. 

“G.O.U.G.H,” spelled Logan Lane.  

G.O.U.G.H. Simple enough, except we’re talking the English language here.

Do you know there are nine different ways to pronounce the letters o.u.g.h.? So, with the G, it could be anything from go, gough, or goo.

“It’s not goof, it’s not guff, you know we hear a lot of different things here,” said Will Edenfield. 

 So. what do the locals say when answering where do you live 

“Gough,” said Larry Walker.
G.O.U.G.H. Larry spelled.  

“Gough, like from Batman,” said Cory.

“It is Gough, Georgia. That’s how we pronounce it here,” said Larry.

But what if you’re passing through, Goo, Georgia? I mean let us be thorough, Go Georgia.   

“Could it be goo?”
“No,” said Larry.
“You don’t call it goo?”
“Uh-uh,” said Larry.
“Have you ever had to correct somebody how to pronounce the name?”
“Uhuh, no,” said Larry.
People always get it right?”
“No, they don’t. But you, but you,” Larry said with a laugh. 

Well, no matter how you pronounce it. 

“It’s a good place to live and we want to keep it that way,” said Cory.
“Way to go Goo Georgia.”
“Yes, sir however you like to say it,” said Cory.