AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — Eighty-one-year-old Howard Glass is not taking it easy this weekend, he’s taking part in the Augusta Ironman, for him just another walk in the park.

 “I’ve actually taken part in 34 Ironmen,” said Howard.  

Ironman is a race where you swim over a mile, and then bike 56 miles, and end your day running a half marathon, some call it fun. 

“Listen, it’s going to be a great time, we do this because it’s fun, and because it’s hard, you know,” said Ron Bilbao, a participant from Miami. 

But there’s fun and there’s fun, so which part of the triathlon would these athletes most want to get rid of?

“Get rid of the run, it’s awful because it’s hot,” said Eddie Vidal, another Ironman.
“Oh my God, the swim, the swim, the swim is by far the worse,” said Sean Mahoney from Pompano Beach Florida.
“I think it is the run only because it’s at the end, and you’re done,” said Eva Gonzalez, from Seattle. 
“For me it would be the swim,” said Dimitris Harvalis, said with a laugh.
“I mean I actually enjoy the swim a lot it’s like the start you’re pumped,” said Eva.

These athletes say with the swimming leg in Augusta, it’s like going downhill.

“That’s one reason we chose this, because we want to go with the flow,” said Roberto Alfonzo from Panama City, Panama. 

“Because this swim is beautiful downstream with the help of the current, that’s one of the reasons I like this race,” said Howard.

“I would think the run would be the best because when it’s done, you’re done.”
“Absolutely, absolutely and when they say you’re an Ironman and you go like yes,” said Roberto.

Ironman, can’t wait to compete, can’t wait to get done.