WAYNESBORO, Ga. (WJBF) – They’ll fill these seats on this football Friday night, in Burke County they’ve got some really big fans.

“Yes, everybody’s a fan of Friday Night football,” said Michelle Grimm.

Michelle Grimm knows, she sells Burke County Bears Merch, at her downtown Waynesboro store.

“Everybody wants Burke County Blue. Everybody comes and buys everything I have. I can’t keep shirts in stock, I can’t keep Jewelry in stock. It’s been great,” said Michelle.

Downtown Waynesboro just a few hours before kickoff…everybody’s talking football.

“Oh, it’s all about our Friday nights. We love our Bears, we love everything football related,” said Donna Brookins.

“Electricity is in the air, we got the Bears going to the Bear Den. We’re going to take on Thompson, ready to give them a good fight,” said Britt Marchman.

Most of Waynesboro is fired up…but I did say only most.

“How fired up are you?”

“Not really,” said Mary Henderson.

“Come on…” 

“I don’t have any kids in high school so I don’t think about it so much,” said Mary. 

The first game for Burke County is against archrival Thomson, she’s going to miss a good one.

“You can’t deny that Thomson…we’re ready to play,” said Tasha Sanders.

But even those not planning to be at the Bear Den know who is on the schedule.

“Do you know who Burke County is playing tonight?”

“Thomson,” said Mary.

“Everybody knows that,” even Mary.

In Burke County, football fever can be summed up in two little words…

“Go Bears!” said Tasha.

“Go Bears!” said Michelle.

Is High School football back in this a great county or what?

Out There Somewhere in Waynesboro George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.