AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — It might be raining, but that’s not going to spoil Arbor Day for the Kitchen family, they’re big on trees.

“My father was a forester with the South Carolina Forestry Commission, so I grew up with trees. loving trees,” said Charlotte Kitchen.

The Kitchen’s live out by Hephzibah now, where they have lots of trees to love. But one you really can’t help but notice.

“One, its size, obviously it’s about 275 inches in circumference and 55 feet tall,” said Kenneth Kitchen.

That’s a big Red Mulberry, and it’s been with the Kitchen family for a long, long time.

“I’m sure it has a lot of stories to tell,” said Charlotte.  

And here’s one of those stories, the Kitchen’s tree is the Georgia Champion Red Mulberry, the biggest, best, badest Red Mulberry in the state. The kids love it.  

“When your friends are talking about one thing, do you say let me tell you about my Red Mulberry?”
“Oh, I like the brag,” said Isadora Kitchen. 

This Red Mulberry is the real deal, a state champ, but it’s kind of looking a little worse for wear.  

“It’s just breaking down like all of us do in old age.” said Kenneth.

This Red Mulberry has been the state champion for almost 13 years, but one day, who knows.

“If you caught wind of another Red Mulberry, would you get the chainsaw working, do you want to hold on to your championship?”
“We’ll hang on, it’s special without the designation, is just a special tree,” said Kenneth.  

“Just special to us and our children and grandchildren will continue to enjoy it,” said Charlotte. 

It’s Arbor Day and there is nothing better than celebrating it with one of Augusta’s champion trees and that’s not going out on a limb.