KEYSVILLE, Ga. (WJBF) — It’s called Bug’s, but it’s not an insect farm. 

This is Bug’s Gourd Farm, just south of Keysville. 

“Well, that came from my child my four-legged child June Bug,” said Ann Gay of Bug’s Gourd Farm.

And they got some dog gone good gourds, different types, gourds galore.  

“We have apples and bottles bushels and canteens snakes martins, so gourds are not just a gourd not just a gourd,” said Ann.

People like gourds because the make great bird houses, and they love to decorate them, especially in the fall.   

Ann’s got lots of gourds, but she’s not a good gourd decorator.

“The Lord didn’t give me that talent,” she said.  

But Bugs has had customers from all over with talent from and many have sent back gourds they have painted.

Beautiful grounds, lots and lots of holiday themed gourds. of course, Thanksgiving is coming, and this turkey gourd looks glum.

And this one from Puerto Rico, that’s been turned into guiro, that’s a musical instrument, and on a recent trip to the island the President picked one up made from a gourd that came from Bug’s.

Are you proud of that?” 
“Oh yes sir,” said Ann.  

 Gourds galore and here at Bug’s they’re not out of their gourds buy they would like to be.