BLYTHE, Ga (WJBF) – At this store in Blythe, they knew, of course.  

“I did, I did. It’s… it’s National Pecan Day,” said Charanne Powell.  

No, you’re not going nuts; check your calendars.

April 14th is National Pecan Day, and the Pecan is important in Georgia.  

“Georgia is known as the number one pecan grower for the United States,” said Charanne. 

So, here at the Pecan Barn, they know what nut is number one. 

Everything in the store comes from their own pecan trees.

They also know that on National Pecan Day, the pecans are nowhere near ready to harvest. 

“Oh no. Harvest is in the fall starts in October and goes through November and December,” said Charanne.

But for some reason, April 14th was selected as National Pecan Day.

Isn’t that like making something like December 14th National Azalea Day?

Is this a good date for National Pecan Day?  

“I guess. I mean, I didn’t pick it. It works for National, I guess,” said Charanne.  

Well, at the Pecan Barn, this is a big day, but is it National “Pea-can” Day or National “Pe-con” Day? 

“It’s both. It depends on which part of the United States you come from. Southerners mostly know it as “pea-can,” but there’s a lot that still come in the door that say, “pea-con.” I accept either way,” said Charanne.  

No matter how you pronounce it, it’s the day for Georgia’s favorite nut, and that’s pretty sweet.