HARLEM, Ga. (WJBF) — Halloween time. The scary and the sweets, the macabre, and the mc-candy. 

“We have a night for the kids, hand out kids and you know celebrate the season,” said Martin Taylor.

Candy aisles are stocked with great selections. So, what do you like? 

“I have had my share of Reese’s Cups,” said Wayne Lewis. 

“That’s your favorite?”

“All year,” he said.  

“It would be Reese’s Cups,” said Henry Dean.

“I love chocolate, Reese’s Cups are my favorite,” said Halley Wyatt.  

 According to the Internet, Georgia has a favorite Halloween candy. What do you think it is?  

“I would kind of say Snickers because of the peanuts,” said Johnny McNair.  

“Kit-Kats, M&M’s, things like that,” said Martin.  

Good confections all, but not the champion in Georgia…

“What is it?” asked Halley. 

It’s Swedish Fish. Yes, Swedish Fish. 

“I don’t know what that is,” said Johnny 

“Are you going to buy Swedish Fish?”  

“No,” he answered. 

‘Swedish Fish? Georgia?” questioned Wayne.

‘Really amazing, that’s amazing,” said Tim Bowman.  

 “Yes, I’ve seen it,” said Henry.

 “Do you like it?” 

 “No sir,” he said.  

“I love Swedish Fish,” said Halley.

“No, you don’t?”  

“Yes, I do,” replied Halley.

“Swedish Fish,” said Wayne.  

“You ever, had it?” 

“Nah don’t want it,” he said.  

“Would you hand it out to kids?” 

“Yes,” said Halley. 

“Oh no!” 

“Yes,” she replied. 

“I’m by passing your house!” 

It might just be the most frighting thing about Halloween, that this is Georgia’s favorite candy. What the Herring is going on?