AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – It had Dani McGee pulling out her phone, and it had Wardell Anthony stopping and grabbing for his camera.  

“I take pictures when I’m traveling throughout the country working for the railroad. I thought this was very interesting,” says Anthony.  

So, this is what is so interesting: the demolition of the old Law Enforcement Center also known as the LEC.

McGee says she is taking pictures for a relative, who worked where the giant crane is now at work.   

“My cousin was a police officer here. He’s in Miami now so I thought I would send it to him,” says McGee.

The crane taking the building down piece by piece, the rubble tumbling eight stories to the ground, is sort of a slow-motion demo. 

“It’s kind of like taking it down little by little. That’s what’s interesting. I have never seen a building torn down this way. In Atlanta, I’ve seen them all blown up by dynamite,” says Anthony.

But using your imagination, this job looks truly Jurassic. 

The giant crane appears like a giant dinosaur.

It groans monstrous, and it looks like this dinosaur has his eye on lunch, consuming a giant carcass of concrete and steel. 

 “True, that’s what it looks like,” says Anthony. “He’s a messy eater. Yeah, a really messy eater.”

The Dino-crane is going to keep on consuming until the old Law Enforcement Center is gone, living on in memories and when [the film] Suicide Squad is shown on TV.

Out There Somewhere in Augusta, George Eskola, WJBF News Channel 6.