GROVETOWN, Ga. (WJBF) — It was their day Friday and they were having a ball.  

“They’re absolutely amazing, they’re a big part of my life,” said Emalivis Hernandez. 

For our four-legged friends, this is National Dog Day, even if our two-legged friends missed that on the calendar. 

“I did not know that special day, special day for sure,” said Rochelle Forgay.

Dogs are great, and so is the great state of Georgia so here’s the question. Does Georgia d have a state dog? 

“Ugh, I have no idea,” said Bill Buckhannon. 

“I don’t know, do they?” said Emalivis. 

 Dogs have great hearing so this could hurt their ears, Georgia does not have a state dog.  

“It should,” said Bill.

It’s not like state lawmakers are too busy After all, Georgia has a state amphibian, bird, butterfly, fish, flower, fruit and insect… but no state dog.

“It should. A beagle, beagles are the best,” said Bill.  

“It needs to be a lab for sure,” said Rochelle.

But at the Golden Dome, two breeds have been proposed as state dog. The Golden Retriever and the English Bulldog. So who do you like? 

“I would say Golden Retriever. I’m a Golden Retriever girl,” said Emalivis.

“The retriever for sure,” said Bill.

“I think I would go with the bulldog definitely,” said Teddy Hudson.  

“Golden Retriever all day long.” said Rochelle.
You have a Georgia hat on and you’re saying Golden Retriever?
“I’ve got two kids that go there, but Bear is half golden,” Rochelle said.  

A Georgia state dog… wouldn’t that be a treat.