BARNWELL, S.C. (WJBF) – Barnwell’s local treasure, its sundial, just turned 165 years old.

“We have the only sundial that is a vertical sundial in the United States that actually works,” said Amy Davis, Vice President of the Barnwell Sundial Festival.

A one-of-a-kind sundial is something to celebrate and Barnwell does with the Sundial Festival.  

“For the Sundial Festival, we have a lot of vendors that come out. Like I said… a lot of things for families; a whole day of things,” said Shanon Bragg.

According to an event listing online, the Barnwell Sundial Festival is Saturday, Nov. 4. So with just one day before the festival, why aren’t the streets of Barnwell hopping? The sundial is still here in Barnwell, and the time is changing but the festival time has changed too.

“We used to do them twice a year on the time change weekends, but the weather isn’t always the nicest during those times,” said Amy.  

”I know you’re not here because you thought a festival was tomorrow it can’t be possible,” said April Robinson. 

“That’s just another that you can’t believe everything on the internet,” said Bragg.

The great Barnwell sundial, but no Sundial Festival. Color me disappointed. 

“I’m disappointed you’re disappointed I’m disappointed you didn’t get to see it but you can come back in May,” said Davis.

Celebrating the Barnwell sundial, it’s all in the timing,