AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — The Diamond family from Delaware have made many trips to Augusta. 

“And we usually come in the Spring because it’s so beautiful here, everything is green and the flowers are perfect,” said Laurie Diamond.

Before golf, there’s golf traffic, but getting there can be half the fun, looking at Augusta’s awesome azaleas, they put on a show, but you know timing is everything.

“For the most part they have been pretty showy, but they were a lot early this year, we’re really in the down-cline on them this week,” said Richmond County Extension Agent Campbell Vaughn.

With their two-and-a-half week shelf-life, Azaleas are bang, and then gone. But some are still hanging in there, so how they are shaping up? Will visitors be bummed out?

“Lately it’s been on the colder side, so the flowers do kind of last a little bit longer, that’s why I would say middle of the road,” said Tray Simpson, General Manager at Bedford Greenhouses.  

All right judges, 10 meaning azalea at their total peak, 0 means all gone, give us your score.

‘Maybe a five, yeah,” said Forrest Smith.

“I would say probably a seven, said Jerry Ferguson.
“That high?”
“Yeah, I would think so,” said Jerry.  

“I’m going to have to say about a three,” said Campbell.  

“I would say they’re probably about a three, I’ll give them a three, I don’t give anything a zero,” said Laurie.

“It’s definitely not nearly the best but also not the worst we ever had, it could be worse,” said Tray with a laugh.

Three, well it’s a great golf score, but not one if you were counting on the azaleas showing off.