Waynesboro, Ga (WJBF) – This is a big grill thrill for Garland Brown.

“We’ll we’re a little nervous, this is our first time being in a professional event we’ve done back yard events our first time,” said Garland.

Those here at Boss Hog are taking part in a sanctioned competition.

“You can win money, for this?”

You can win a lot of money, and the grand champion wins 25 hundred, it’s a good little chunk,” said Lindsey Keller of the Boss Hog Cook-off.

Trenton Terrell is in his first competition he has got some grilling goals.

“I’m hoping to place, if I place, I’m happy,” Trenton said. 

42 teams are taking part to win the grand championship, but this competition has another prize, it’s the Roscoe P Coltrane award.

Whoever scores the lowest overall score, the lowest total, “sad Lindsey.

“And it’s called?” 

“The Dead A#$ Last,” she said.

So, winning A Roscoe means finishing 42nd out of 42, dead last.

“We don’t want that award we’ll take anything we can get in our first event.” said Garland.

“We want to stay away from that unless it comes with money,” said Trenton.

“It doesn’t necessarily  mean their barbecue is the worst a lot of times they don’t meet, they get disqualified because they don’t meet the turn in times,” said Lindsey.

Or their barbecue just doesn’t cut it.

“Or it’s bad, that’s right,” said Lindsey with a laugh. 

Well it’s barbecue just how bad could it be Roscoe.

Out There Somewhere in Waynesboro George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.