NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WJBF) – In North Augusta, Atomic Road goes to a place that has atoms. 

So, it seems logical that a trip down Radio Station Road should result in you driving pass – wait for it – a radio station.  

“Sounds about right,” said Perry Broadcasting Chief Operator Derrick Patterson.  

And just a half a block from Radio Station Road, there is this cul-de-sac named Big Mama Court.

So, if Radio Station Road means seeing a radio station, a Big Mama Court should mean…  

“A big Mama,” said Derrick.   

“Big Mama’s Court – my grandmother. We named it after her,” said Arlene Webb.  

Big Mama Aldrich is the person who the street is named after. The family lost her several years ago, but not before her great granddaughter came up with her nickname.   

“I was small, and I used to be like that’s my big mama so that’s what I used to call her: Big Mama,” said Mary Stone.  

“So, when I went to Aiken County, and I asked them, ‘Could I name the street after my grandmother?’ And they said, ‘Yes,’” said Arlene.  

A radio station on Radio Station Road, and the spirit of a family matriarch on Big Mama Court, 

“It’s a great name.”  

“Oh yes, it is it’s a wonderful name,” said Arlene.  

But on Radio Station Road, we see a radio station, and I think we need to see a big mama on Big Mama Court.  

“Correct,” said Arlene.   

This family would love that.