WARRENTON, Ga. (WJBF) – The Post Office in Warrenton is a pretty popular place, people have been coming here for a long time. 

“Forty-six years,” said Bunny Wiley. 

“Good Post Office?“  

“Yes it is, they are very nice,” said Bunny.  

One sign shows the post office was built in 1939, but other signs hide in plain sight. 

“I’ve never noticed them,” said Ken Krause. 

But the signs on the post office say this is a fallout shelter, capacity 290, a place to mail a letter or hide from a megaton warhead if it was headed to Warrenton.

“No sir I’m not worried I hope not,” said Mary Jenkins. 

“You got a place to go if it happens.”

In December of 1961, the Federal Government ordered 400-thousand of these fallout shelter signs to go on buildings so in Warrenton these have been here oh a little more than 60 years.  

“Well, that’s a little longer than I’ve been here in Warrenton,” said Bunny.  

The post office has the signs but there are no signs it’s still a real fallout shelter, but these days, who knows.  

“I think we’re going to need it before long, too,” said Bunny.  

The fallout shelter signs are relics from the Cold War era.  

Once there were many in America, but most are gone. But not Warrenton, they still have two.  

 “Hmmm, that’s cool then,” said Anthony Medlock with a laugh.

 Warrenton’s fallout shelter signs they’ve been out there for a while. 

 Out There Somewhere in Warrenton, George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.