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"Out There...Somewhere": Friday the 13th on Jason Lane

HEPHZIBAH, Ga. (WJBF) - Carrie Lovett was doing a little shopping, but she didn't stop to check out the DVD's section. A movie about Friday the 13th? No thanks. 

"I really don't watch scary movies but I do know about Friday the 13th movies," Carrie said. 

It's been a series of scares. The Friday the 13th movies. A super natural mad man sometimes wearing a hockey mask, and the bad guy has a name.

"That's right. Jason," said Carrie 

"Yeah, that's why I don't want to see it at all," said Carrie. 

This is something Carrie wouldn't want to see either. This road into the woods. The road has a name.  It's Jason..... Jason Lane, and of course on Friday the 13th it's a dead end. 

So here we are, Friday the 13th, Jason Lane. What, do you think we're chicken?

We didn't run a fowl of Jason on Jason Lane but we did find the McIntires, still alive, and not really afraid of Friday the 13th on Jason Lane.  

"Not to me, my kids love to watch the movies, my husband doe,s but I don't really care," said Karen McIntire. 

You know what happens in Friday the 13th movies, it usually doesn't turn out to well for the kids. 

Are you going to be extra nice to mom?

"Yeah," said Toby.

Are you going to take a shower tonight?

"Yeah," said Toby.

All little Da'Laney could do was point. 

"What are you pointing at? Jason oh you scared me," 

But nothing to be afraid here even on Friday the 13th. 

"No I would go to Jason Lane on Friday the 13th, said Carrie. 

 "So you're not chicken either."

"No I'm not," she said.  

But you can't say that about them Out There somewhere On Jason Lane George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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