Out There Somewhere

"Out There...Somewhere": Did you hear what's on Laurel Street, it's not yanny

This is a tall tale that's got people talking. 

"It looks like it wants to say 'feed me Seymour," said Damiano Simpkins who lives down the street from the spectacle 

Angie Ethridge can say a little more, it's her monstrous plant, though when she saw what it's become, she was almost speechless. 

"Sure enough, there it was that's just about it," Angie said.

Well there's more to it than that. Over the last few weeks, the plants has shot skyward 

It even towers over Angie's house. 

"I got it when it was just this little," she said.  

Angie calls it a Century Plant. But her friend said it's an agave. That got a rise out of Angie. 

"I kept telling her no it's a century plant. No she kept saying agave," Angie said. 

Needless to say this is all pretty exciting for the 13 hundred block of Laurel...or is it Yanny.

Yes the Century plant slash agave is doing it's blooming best on Laurel Street right when the rest of the world is hearing or not hearing about 'laurel'. 

Angie knows about her giant century plant but hasn't really followed this Laurel/Yanny thing at all.

"He was married to one of them," said Angie.

Not Yanni the musician. Yanny

"Well what is it?" Angie asked. 

"It's laurel or yanny"

"Now you got me," she said with a laugh 

But Angie got herself one some fantastic flora, no matter what anyone says. 

"Laurel, Yanni, and Century Agave." 

"There you go now were cooking," she said  

Hey big guy that's what we like to hear Out There Somewhere on Laurel. Street George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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