“Out There…Somewhere”: What’s up with Washington by George


WASHINGTON, Ga (WJBF) – Hey Washington, Georgia do you know who just had another birthday?

“No”, said Barry Holloway.George Washington

Barry laughs.

“I didn’t realize that,” said Hope West.You let it slip past again.

‘You didn’t do anything?’, we asked a women who didn’t want to be identified.

“Nothing special.”For Washington’s birthday?

“I did not,” she answered.In Washington Georgia.

“I did not,”

Washington is a big deal in Washington Georgia.

This is the first town in America named for him, and I bet if you’re walking the streets of Washington, you’re going to find a lot of people named for him.Your name is George?

“No no…Ramon Gartrell,” said Ramon.No not your name.

“Not my name,”said Barry.

“I have a dad,” said Hope,Is he named George?

“No,” she said.Do you know anybody named George.

“No I don’t,” said Hope.In Washington, Georgia you don’t know a George?

“No sir I don’t.”Wow

Here’s some kids visiting their grandparents here in Washington. Not a George, not a George, not a George, definitely not a George.

“I know several Georges” said Bary.You do? Who live here?

“Yes,” he saidI don’t believe you.

This town is named for George Washington.Should there be more Georges?

“I don’t know,” said RamonWhat’s wrong with George?

“I don’t know,” he said

What’s up with Washington.No George?

“No”, said Ramond,No birthday.

“That’s right.”

Talk about not embracing your history. The General of the Continental Army…Washington comma George. Defeating the British monarch, King comma George.

Out There Somewhere in Washington George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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