“Out There…Somewhere”: Sign at Christmas, road sign that is


Langley, S.C. (WJBF) – In Langley that’s the spirit! The big old tree all decked out, so what do you think?

“I thought it was great, I liked it. I did anyway,” said Debra Carver.

What’s not to like? It’s a big Christmas tree, with all the colorful lights…well one color really.

They’re all orange.

“Some people have complained about it, they thought it was ugly, but I thought it was different, and unusual. I like it,” said Jackie Johnson, of the Langley Water Department.

So, along with decorations, a Christmas tree has to have a top, this one does, but not a star, or bow or Frosty’s hat. It’s a road sign, an orange, utility work a head road sign.

“Wouldn’t shock me none to see that, especially in the Valley,” said Angela Sellers.

Well somewhat a shock. After all, the tree at the Langley Water Department has a bow on, but Langley shares the tree with next door Burnettown.

“And the mayor of Burnettown is the one who decorated it,” said Johnson.

“There’s a Utility sign on top of the tree.”

“We done that. It was straight to start with, then it leaned a little bit,” said Burnettown Mayor Jonathan Dicks.

The leaning ‘utility work ahead’ sign is by design; the mayor wanted the tree this year to honor all the utility workers who keep the lights on and the water flowing, so the tree is wrapped in orange lights, topped with an orange utility work ahead sign.

“Oh they laughed at me, picked at me, you know. It’s all good. I told them the reason behind it. I think it opened their eyes up,” said Mayor Dicks.

The Christmas story talks about a sign, if the wise men were looking for a utility work ahead one, they would have made it to right here.

Out There Somewhere in In Langley, George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6

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