“Out There…Somewhere”: Roller Derby for real


GROVETOWN, Ga. (WJBF) – At the Columbia County Exhibition Center the weekend’s entertainent is the derby…the Roller Derby.  

“I think a lot of people are going, yeah,” said “Jet” who’s a part of the North Texas Roller Derby team.

It’s the Low Down, Throw Down. A 14 team Roller Derby tournament. But that’s not weird at all. 

“Now it’s become a little more known so people are a little more comfortable with it. They’re like ‘Roller Derby I’ve heard about that’,” said “Weapon X” of the North Texas squad. 

Hosting the event is Augusta’s own Soul City Sirens, and they say it’s not your grandfathers Roller Derby. 

“The rules are a little different. There’s no punching, there’s no elbows,”

“Oh darn,”

“There’s plenty of legal ways you can lay some one out on the track,” said “Yankee” of the Soul City Sirens. 

The old Roller Derby was exciting, but the results seemed pre-arranged, so what about this Roller Derby tourney? 

“Is this fake?”

“Absolutely not,” said “Jet.” 

“By no means is it staged. We actually fight this perception a lot,” said “Yankee.”

“It’s like organized chaos under the watchful eye of the officials, you need the officials, these skaters will bend the rules.”

“Be a lot of people trying to bend the rules for sure, trying to get their way through the pack, really beat the crap out of one another. They have a good time doing it, we make sure they’re doing it safely,” said “Wreck Support” an official from Washington D.C.

“Oh it’s fantastic fun,” said Weapon X.

“It’s a little rough out there.”

“It’s rough yeah, it makes me feel alive,” said “Weapon X.” 

They got the one in Kentucky but this now our derby time. 

Out There Somewhere in Columbia County, George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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