AIKEN, S.C. (WJBF) – These old soldiers never die, because they’re taking part in the replaying of the historic Battle of Aiken

“It was a vicious fight then the confederates overwhelmed the union troops and ran them out of town this is actually the only site place in South Carolina where Sherman was stopped, said Commander Danny Francis of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, the event organizers.

Well 152 years later there’s this reenactment of the battle of Aiken. A historic struggle on these hallowed grounds…but what do you mean not these hallowed grounds.

“So we were reenacting the battle but…”

“It wasn’t out here. This would have been half way to Columbia at this time,” said Ed Mann of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

To find at the site of the battle of Aiken you have go to elsewhere in Aiken.

“Downtown at First Baptist Church at the corner of York and Richland Avenue,” said Mann.

So this church site was the battle field and there are still the tombstones on the church property for the Union soldiers who were killed in the Battle of Aiken, the graves of the three dozen confederates killed are in the cemetery at St. Thaddeus.

Civil War reenactments strive for authenticity but it would hard to put this show on the road were the battle was fought.

“We had twenty cannon on the field last year 1000 soldiers this year we got a bunch of horse soldiers they don’t want us tearing up the town,” said Francis.

Yes for the real battle of Aiken, once was enough. Out there somewhere in Aiken George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.