Perkins, GA (WJBF) – Take a left off Highway 25, it’s right there…Perkins, Georgia. But, it’s no longer the old Perkins it once was.

“It’s been propped back up, let’s put it that way. Re-done may be not the right word, but it’s propped back up,” said George Gunn.

Its major buildings have been renovated, like the old store, where inside you’ll find all sorts of historic odds and ends, The makeover includes the old tractor dealership, and don’t miss the old Perkins train depot that doubled as the Post Office. It dates to 1870.

George Gunn made this possible. These are his buildings, and over the last couple of years, he decided to give Perkins the facelift. “I haven’t got a penny from the government,” said George. “Did it all yourself?” we asked. “Yeah, all by myself,” he said.

One thing that stands out in this renovation of Perkins is that George loves the color red. “You know, welcome to Hell,” he said with a laugh.

Well, there’s a Heaven to the 1880’s hat shop, which is now the Grace Community Church. The congregation had its first service here last Sunday. “We’re very blessed, we want share those blessings with everybody,’ said Alice Farr.

And, the folks in Perkins feel they’re blessed that George shared and cared about their town. “I love it and I wouldn’t move from here,” said Frances Weeks.

But, George made sure Perkins is on move. He’s got the tiny town looking pretty big for sure…”Out There…Somewhere”.

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