“Out There…Somewhere”: Life-Sized Dolls Delight in Petticoat Junction


Petticoat Junction, SC (WJBF) – From Silver Bluff Road, it has a  freaky family reunion look and those driving by have been fooled.

“That didn’t know any better…thought they were real and would wave to them,” said Priscilla Langford. “Would they wave back?” “No,” she laughed, “I’m working on that next.”

The dolls are the works of Langford. They are collection of handmade doll that decorate the outside of her home in Petticoat Junction, near Aiken, South Carolina.

She started making them 6 or 7 years ago after seeing a monster doll in a store around Halloween. One lead to all the ones at home on her porch. They are a little weird, but wonderful.

“I just love my extended family,” Priscilla said, with a laugh.

Her first ones were the hillbilly couple, and many others followed. Some seem kind of eerie and others look elegant, there’s old and young. One thing is for sure…they’re a hit with people driving by.

“They just love, love to look at them. I have people stopping all the time, [and] want to take pictures of them,” she said.

Priscilla is very proud of her dolls and, why not? They’re works of art. Some of the grand-kids are not quite as thrilled about what’s been displayed to the public, on the front porch.

“I had a granddaughter, Jasmine, that would ride the school bus. They would pass by, she said, [and asked] who lived there. She wouldn’t tell them her grandmother lived there,” Priscilla said.

But, this is what does lives here…about two dozen of Priscilla-delightful dolls on full display for all to see. If you’re in the area, feel free to take a look. You might not believe what you see “Out There…Somewhere”.

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