“Out There…Somewhere”: Holy Pelfry! We Missed Richmond County’s Birthday

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Jade Walters was at the Augusta Library, but she didn’t spend any time looking up Richmond County’s birthday.

“No,” she said. “You had no idea, did you?” we asked. “No,” she said.

Long before Diamond lakes was here, Richmond County was here…formed on February 5th, in 1777. But, at the library, they were not checking the history books.

“I didn’t know what it was,” said Joshua Walden. “It was the 238th anniversary of Richmond County,” we told him. “I didn’t know that,” he said.

Joshua wasn’t alone. When we logged onto Richmond County’s Facebook page, the “Happy Birthdays” were few and far between, smh.

“Did you wish Richmond County happy birthday on Facebook?” we asked Joshua. “No, nothing to Facebook. No, nothing, I doubt it,” he said, with a laugh.

Don’t laugh. Augusta seems to get all the attention, but there’s still…the Richmond County Tax Commissioner’s office. Ashley Cozart was there, but it wasn’t for the cake and ice cream. “No, I need a security deed,” she said. “Well, it’s not for the birthday party?” we asked.

But, if you go to a Richmond County Birthday party, pelfry is your present. “You said you’re from Richmond County, right?” we asked Jade. “Pelfry,” we added. “Pelfry, I don’t know what that is,” she said. “Maybe next year you’ll get some pelfry?” we said.

“No, I doubt it,” said Jermaine Simmons.

Well, this year’s birthday is history, but next year we’ll try to remember it and, yes, don’t forget that pelfry.

Pelfry is written on the Richmond County historical marker at the Augusta Municipal Building stating the county started as a trading community dealing in Pelfry, which I’ve been told is animal pelts.

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