MILLEN, Ga. (WJBF) – You can go back in time in Millen by going into the Neal Hardware Company

“All of this became antique just by being here,” said Johnny Neal.

Johnny Neal’s family has been in business in Millen since 1911.

His granddad started out in the furniture business, a few years later moved into this location and started selling hardware.

“So we’ve been in this location for 82 years,” said Johnny.

And for the past 82 years if you needed some pots, or pails, or trash cans this is where you came. The store has been Johnny’s life.

“My mom was working here before she had me so literally I was in here before I was born,” said Johnny.

Freddie Foreman came in for some fish hooks, it wasn’t her first time.

“No it’s not it’s a good place to shop and I don’t care what you’re looking for you’ll find it here,” said Freddie.

You’ll also find an adding machine from 1912 that the store used for 60 years. There’s the old cash register

The historic nail scale is still in use.

So many customers there’s a tin patch down on the old floor, kids have noticed it for years.

“Coming in here I noticed the patch of tin on the floor when my grandson was born he was about three or four years of age we came down here the first thing he did was papa they got tin on the floor,” said Jerry McMillan

There’s a tale here about the fan. It’s been up since they moved in that was the mid 30’s.

And not only is the fan still here it still works and it’s needed just like the old days the store is not air conditioned.

“We got five fans in here,” said Johnny,

“Including the original 1930s?”

“Yeah,” he said.

And even after decades of summers the store has been ever-ready to meet your hardware needs and that’s pretty cool.

Out There somewhere in Millen, George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.