“Out There…Somewhere”: Don’t dis the cows


AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – Larry Owens was getting in a little practice on board his cutting horse named ‘She’s The Cat’s Meow’, taking on his competition…the cows.

“We’re cutting, getting them to rate the cow, get them to slow down wait on the cow. Those cows try to pull a dirty one on them, get by them,” said the Hardeeville, SC rider.

The stars of the futurity are the riders and their horses. They have names, but laboring in near obscurity are the back-bone of the event: the cows. Yet the cows get no respect.

“That’s true, that’s true,” said Larry.

More than 2500 take part in the cattle call during the futurity but they get little thanks or praise. If a cutter & their horses have a great ride they get the credit, but a bad ride…watch out cow.

“We always blame it on the cow,” Larry said.

So it’s not bright lights and glamor for the cows on the cutting horse circuit. No private trailers for these worker bees.

So not the case for cutting horses. It’s luxury, accommodations, and hey if Mister Ed is on TV somewhere, they don’t have to miss it.

“Yes we do have a satellite dish on the trailer, yes we do we have all the conveniences,” said Larry.

Now this is Captain Woodrow. He’s a cutting horse. What’s wrong? At least you’re not a cow, why the long face?

But remember you can’t spell cowboy or cowgirl without the cow.

‘Give the cow some love.’

I think the cows would find getting some love to be mooooving… out there somewhere George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6

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