AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF)- There may soon be more access to cheaper mental health care for some Georgians.

Senator Jon Ossoff wants to improve coverage for mental health care services for seniors, veterans and military families.

Senator Ossoff is efforting a bipartisan bill that will eliminate out of pocket expenses for seniors on Medicare needing mental health care.

He said there is too much red tape that makes it difficult for seniors to access those needed mental health services. He believes that if passed, this legislation will strengthen Medicare.

“Those of us working on this legislation to help seniors access mental health services through Medicare, brought together more than 30 senators not from both parties to advance this. I think that Georgians want me to work together with Democrats and Republicans to do what’s in the interest of our state,” he explained.

Senator Ossoff is also working to provide easier access to mental health services and substance abuse support for veterans and military families.

Veterans are at 57 percent higher risk for suicide after their service. And 1 in every 10-15 veterans suffer from substance abuse, mostly due to PTSD.

Senator Ossoff’s new legislation would provide three free mental health care visits a year to Georgia veterans and military families.

The bill is co sponsored by Republican Senator Kevin Cramer.

Senator Ossoff said veterans deserve better access to mental health services and help for substance abuse issues.

“Veterans have put it all on the line for our country and they deserve the very best. They’ve earned the very best I want to make it easier for veterans to access the care and services that they’ve earned.”

The bill has been introduced and is headed to the Committee on Veterans’ Affairs for discussion and vote.