Organization advice to help you master spring cleaning


All the time you are spending at home is enough to make you feel claustrophobic. A messy house can make matters worse. Your home might feel like one big junk drawer right about now. This is the perfect time to get organized since you are stuck at home anyways!

We reached out to a professional organizer about how you can de-clutter. She shares some ways you can master spring cleaning.

Ashleigh Parish is the founder of Organizing Augusta. She is a professional organizer and personal assistant.

Parish says organization starts with a planned out week. Step #1 is organize your schedule

“While trying to work from home or homeschooling your kids or both, a lot of people are trying to do both right now. Time management is so important because establishing routine and maintaining structure at home really is an essential part of staying organized and calming the chaos,” Parish says.

She recommends witing out our weekly schedule and getting the whole family on the same page.

CLICK HERE for some printable schedules.

Organization tip #2 happens in the kitchen and can protect you from unnecessary coronavirus risk.

“Use clear canisters and bins in your pantry. That way when you go to make your grocery list and you look in your pantry, you can easily see exactly what you have and what you’re running low on and that’s going to prevent you from forgetting things and having to make those unnecessary trips to the store,” Parish explains.

For step #3– head to the closet.

“Whenever you go to hang an item back up you actually turn the hanger in the opposite direction so when you look in your closet, you can easily tell exactly what you have worn and then after a few months go by, if you have not worn those same things over and over again, it’s time to get rid of them,” Parish says.

Step #4 is digital organization.

“[Other] is the one you would use when you’re at Old Navy and they ask you for your email address,” Parish says. “All those promo codes and promotions and offers and stuff aren’t flooding your important work and personal emails.”

“I want to touch base on your email inbox because this seems to be an overwhelming area for people. People have thousands and thousands of messages and the important stuff gets lost in the junk. I actually suggest having three email accounts.

Her recommendation is to have one email account for work, one for personal and one for “other.”

Step #5 is for parents.

“Tame the toys. My preferred way of organizing toys is honestly whatever makes it easiest to clean it up. We have collapsible bins so that way when I say clean up, all they have to do is put it back in the bin and back on the shelf and that’s it,” Parish says.

She explains why organization is even more important right now.

“Physical clutter and disorganization directly affects people’s mental state. It can actually increase stress and anxiety. We can’t control everything that’s happening right now in the world, but we can take control of our space,” Parish says.

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