Operation Clean City sending no excuse message when it comes to litter


AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) Broad Street is familiar territory for Glen Ford he and his group

Operation Clean City first started picking up litter here in 2014 but his efforts were on hold for a while.

“When I came back I noticed we need to work harder to keep the city clean it’s been almost three years and unfortunately not a lot has changed,” said Ford of Operation Clean City.

Glen’s group has been hands on picking up litter but now the group is looking to change focus education to let the public know the litter doesn’t belong on the street it belongs in there.

Our new campaign for the summer  is called no excuse it’s basically part of the education theme we’re going for we can only pick up for so long we can’t just keep picking up your trash,” said Ford

On Facebook and other social media, Operation Clean City  is focusing on the downtown trash cans telling people there’s no excuse no to use them  as you can see it’s a message a lot of people have missed.

“It’s going to be a series of provocative photos and videos it’s going to be in your face letter you know make you think twice, said Ford.

Visitors downtown say there should be no excuses about where you throw your trash.

Very important, very, very important very much so, said Sandra Sampson visiting from Millen,

“No excuses it says,”

“No excuse No excuse,” said Sampson.

But others say an education campaign to prompt people to use downtown trash cans is not the answer to the city’s litter problems.

“I applaud them for the education part I applaud them for the energy they put into it but you know the city has a whole is going to have to commit to cleaning up downtown and keeping it clean it can’t be done any other way,” said Sanford Loyd a former member of the Downtown Development Authority.

The group will be expanding its campaign to Instagram and twitter and launching a new web-site operation clean city dot org, and look for fliers with the no excuse message at  downtown businesses  as early as tomorrow.

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