Only on 6: First Same Sex Couple to Get Marriage License in Richmond County


Richmond County has its first same sex couple to apply for a marriage license after the Supreme Court’s historic decision.

The high court made it legal last week for same sex couples to get married.

News Channel 6 was the only television station there to catch the historic moments.

It was just like any other couple applying for a marriage license, but this one made history in Richmond County.

They filled out a new application for Georgia that now reads Applicant 1 and Applicant 2, but a computer problem put a slight delay in the couple’s plans.

Reverend Rick Sosbe is the Pastor at Church of Our Redeemer in Downtown Augusta.

He and his partner Michael Rhen decided to get their marriage license Tuesday morning.

Deon Guillory asks, “How long have you been waiting for this?”

Sosbe replied, “We’ve been together, it will be 8 years in December. So, a long time.”

Rhen added, “Long time. We decided after a couple of years that.”

Sosbe said, “Yeah, we knew it was going to be a forever thing.”

The couple moved to Augusta from Florida a year ago.

“We were here about six months and they legalized it in Florida so we were like, oh man, we missed it by six months,” said Sosbe.

but they would have to wait a few more minutes to get their marriage license.

A clerk in the Richmond County Probate Court said, “The system is down right now.  So it’s gonna be a few minutes.”

After nearly 20 minutes, the system was back.

As they filled out their application, the big question came up about last name.

“Oh my gosh, we hadn’t talked about that. Hyphen, yeah,” the couple agreed.

With marriage license in hand, they thought about this history making moment.

Sosbe said, “We thought that history making was to be able to get it, so we didn’t really imagine that we would be history makers at being the first, but it’s an exciting thing to remember. Wow, we were the first ones in Richmond County. It’s great.”

“What a blessed day this is,” said Rhen.

On Tuesday, the Council of Municipal Court judges released a statement saying, “we encourage judges to perform weddings to embrace this ruling and do everything they can to comply with the law and their ethical obligations.”

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Augusta is having a community Wedding Day on Sunday July, 12th.

The couple says they plan to get married sometime in December,

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