One-On-One with Senator Johnny Isakson

The Means Report: One-On-One With Senator Johnny Isakson
The Means Report: One-On-One With Senator Johnny Isakson

Georgia’s senior senator pays a visit to the set of The Means Report this week.  Johnny Isakson and Brad Means discuss a wide range of topics affecting our nation as well as the CSRA.

Senator Isakson tells us how the United States is  waging the war on terror.  He talks about the role of Fort Gordon in that war. Isakson discusses the importance of Fort Gordon and the surrounding area when it comes to making sure this country is doing all it can to defeat terrorists.

Isakson also talks about his sponsorship of a new bill that will slow down trucks on the roads.  The measure comes in the wake of deadly wrecks on Georgia roads involving big rigs. Isakson tells us how the new legislation will ensure safer speeds for trucks and hopefully safer commutes for all of us.

The senator is also facing a reelection challenge as we head toward the November elections.  He talks about his campaign as he seeks a third term in Washington, D.C.

Healthcare continues to be a controversial issue. Isakson talks about potential changes that could come to the Affordable Care Act after the upcoming election.

Education is a key point of discussion on this Means Report as well.  The senator talks about his support of the Every Student Succeeds Act.  He tells us how it will improve education for students and teachers.One-On-One with Senator Johnny Isakson: Part 2

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