Olde Town sees growth ahead of Downtown Augusta development


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- Change in the form of new tenants can be found in one of Augusta’s Historic neighborhoods.  It’s one of the residential areas seeing growth ahead of the thousands expected to come and the development already in the works.

Olde Town, located between East Boundary and 8th Street, is growing.

“There is always a place for you whether you’re low income or middle class,” said Rick Keuroglian, Director of City Hope Alliance.

For sale sign after for sale sign and rent ones too are up throughout Olde Town. People aren’t necessarily leaving the neighborhood.  They’re coming.

Keuroglian told NewsChannel 6 he has seen the growth personally for years.

“People now are calling. They’re driving around and what they’re doing is they’re trying to find a place to rent. They’re trying to find a place to rehab, or a place to build.”

A home on the 300 block of Broad Street is one of many Sherman and Hemstreet properties Emily Aceves has sold in the past year. She told NewsChannel 6 more people started buying property three years ago, but she has seen a rise in the past year.

Keuroglian, who is the former Homeowner’s Association leader for the area, and his wife have called Olde Town home for the past nine years. He heads up City Hope Alliance, which helps young professionals, newlyweds and young families rent, rehab and build in the neighborhood.

“What the neighborhood needs more than anything is young professionals returning. You need a balance. To bring home ownership, you need a person who is stable to come back. There is pride that comes back. You see resources that come back. When you have disposable income businesses come back,” Keuroglian said.

Through City Hope Alliance, Keuroglian brings together diverse community members to help demolish abandoned homes and rebuild or grow a garden. Despite being known for high crime in the past, homeowners say it’s safer and they are gearing up for growth.

“You see families and strollers and kids walking around and people walking their dogs. Doing these things we’ve done projects together. We’ve planted 50 trees.”

Keuroglian added that community members helped create a garden. One on 3rd and Telfair has a free library.

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