Officer pulls over man for speeding, instead drives him 100 miles to see grieving family


TROY, OH (WFLA/WDTN) – An Ohio State Highway Patrol Sergeant went above and beyond the call of duty when he pulled over a man who was speeding on his way to see his mother after his sister had died.

It happened over the weekend when Mark Ross says he received a call to notify him that his sister has been killed in a car accident, according to his Facebook post. That was when Sergeant David Robiso pulled over Ross for speeding.

Ross knew he had a warrant in Wayne County, but explained to the Sgt. Robiso that his sister had just died and that he was speeding to get home.

That’s when Sergeant Robiso reached over and began praying with Ross. He then drove him 100 miles to Detroit, as Ross’s vehicle was towed.

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