NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WJBF)- North Augusta City Council gathers for a study session to talk about some upcoming proposed items.

North Augusta city leaders met Monday evening to discuss things important to the area, like public safety, economic development and more. 

A City Council meeting will take place on February 6th where final decisions will be made.

“This was a study session tonight, so we were not voting on anything. It’s really for staff to bring us up to speed,” North Augusta Mayor Briton Williams said. 

North Augusta leaders focusing on the future on Monday night. The new building promises to be bigger and better.

“Big votes we have next week is our Public Safety Headquarters. So, we will be voting on a resolution to approve the budget to be able to get new construction on that, and if that is voted on positively, then we will be having a groundbreaking end of February, so that will be very important for this community,” Williams said.  

The current Public Safety building has been serving North Augusta for decades, so the city is hoping for an improved facility. 

“And this will give us plenty of space, the location’s better, it’s up on the hill– so our folks are gonna be able to get out a lot quicker– it also is going to be a court, our new court system. So that’s nice,” Williams said.

Leaders are also looking at ways to improve recreational opportunities.  

“And of course, Riverside Village is our live, work, and play, and I think there’s been a huge quality of life for our citizens in North Augusta. We are excited about that continuing and totally build out and develop even more,” Williams said.

And while nothing is official until next’s week’s meeting.  Mayor Williams is optimistic about the outlook for his town. 

“Where we’re going in the future, we’ve gotta have the facilities,” Williams said.

The upcoming council meeting is open to the public if you’re someone interested in attending.