AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — They belong to the city of Augusta, but North Augusta wants them.  

“They do represent something that is part of our history,” said Milledge Murray, from the North Augusta Arts and Heritage Center.

This month, Augusta commissioners voted to remove the four plaques recognizing Jefferson Davis from the new pedestrian bridge. The plaques are the same on both sides of the bridge, and the North Augusta Arts and Heritage Center has requested two.

“The two that were in South Carolina,” said Murray.  

Commissioners voted to put the plaques in a museum but are open to the request.  

“They’re the same plaques on that side as they are on the Augusta side, and we want a good working relationship with North Augusta, yeah, they deserve to have their two plaques,” said Commissioner Catherine Smith McKnight.

“They can have the plaques as long as they come off the bridge, I don’t care who has the plaques, the plaques can go to Disney World as long as they come off that bridge,” said Commissioner Jordan Johnson.

But a commission committee did not act on the request referring it to a legal session, because of the Georgia law against removing Confederate monuments. 

“We’ve been told we did violate the law by going ahead and approving it, it is one of those things that even though it is wrong to do, it is the right thing to do,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.  

So, for now, the plaques will remain on the bridge.