NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WJBF) — A North Augusta man sat in jail for nearly two years, charged with a crime that a South Carolina attorney says he didn’t commit. Now a civil rights lawsuit has been filed against the leaders of the City.

“There are many police officers are there good citizens and good officers that do good job but when bad policing happens, when it happens at it’s worse, it often looks like this,” attorney Andrew Radeker told NewsChannel 6’s Aiken Bureau Chief Shawn Cabbagestalk.

In a 10-page document, Allen Michael Johnson’s attorney, Andrew Radeker, filed a civil rights lawsuit against several top leaders in North Augusta, including Public Safety, the City, the police chief, and several officers.“I was tired, frustrated, angry, and even sadden, because in this story there are no real winners,” Aiken County Branch NAACP president Eugene White said.

While it is not clear what role race played in the incident, Johnson is black, and the officers are white, but White says he still has concerns. “The important part is that, you know, we ensure that the law enforcement agency that was in charge of the investigations and in charge of the imprisonment was acting in line with their policies and procedures that had been established by their leadership, he said.

The case involves the treatment of Johnson while in custody. In 2018, NewsChannel 6 reported on a deadly shooting at Ridgeview Manor Apartments on Bradleyville Road in North Augusta. Nineteen-year-old Daquan Bostic was shot and killed. The lawsuit says there was evidence Johnson wasn’t the shooter.

“Accountability is paramount in investigating any law enforcement situation or circumstances,” White said. “The use of video cameras the use of phone video is completely important and vital, to the investigation of all these all of these cases,” he added.

The suit says each day that Allen was in jail, his rights were violated, and it also mentioned his mental suffering and misconduct of personnel. Police Chief John Thomas, Christopher Toole, George Shaw, the second, Jonathan Nelson, and Luke Sherman are identified in the case. Toole, Shaw, and Nelson are no longer with the agency.

The Department of Public Safety released the following statement. “North Augusta Public Safety will not be releasing any comments on pending litigation.”

Johnson’s charges were dismissed. He served nearly two years behind bars. His attorneys are asking for damages — including punitive damages and legal costs.

White suggested citizen review boards could help with allegations of misconduct with law enforcement agencies. “Following the murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Brianna Taylor, we were very intentional about going and engaging with our local leaders of our law enforcement agencies to discuss the establishment of these citizens review boards, because they are a very vital and important part of ensuring a police accountability,” he said. “The City of Aiken has stood up for years for a citizen’s review board, which going forward now has proven to be a very valuable tool in ensuring that there’s some accountability in citizen and law enforcement interactions,” he added.

Meanwhile, authorities are still searching for the person responsible for Bostic’s death.”At the end of it, there is a young black man whose life was taken too soon. And we’re still unsure of who was involved in his murder. We have another young black man who lost two years of his life to productive years,” White added.