North Augusta looking toward 2022


NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WJBF) — The year 2021 was big for North Augusta, and city leaders plan to build on that momentum for the new year.

“A lot of great things that have happened in 2021 are really excited about the future of 2022 and North Augusta,” North Augusta mayor Britton Williams told NewsChannel 6’s Aiken Bureau Chief Shawn Cabbgestalk about the city.

From new leadership to the GreenJackets becoming an Atlanta Braves affiliate and changes to the city code to allow concerts at the amphitheater to be louder, the city has seen a lot of positive experiences. “We addressed our Riverside Village with a new ordinance, which is gonna allow restaurants and GreenJackets to be able to stay open later which I think will keep more people in that live work and play environment, which will generate more revenue, which I think it’s positive,” he said

One event that wasn’t expected — an incident involving a public safety officer. “That was very scary, but I’ve said it before, and I keep saying it, that if it wasn’t for the restraint of our officers, that’s what allowed no citizens to be killed,” Williams said.

Several changes will be underway for residents in the new year, including the groundbreaking of the new public safety headquarters that will be on the Seven Gables and Flythe properties. “We approve that this year and we expect to have bids go out and groundbreaking for the new public headquarters and the circuit court will be done,” he shared. New communications equipment for the city will be added. “That’s very important, not just for 911, but for other intergovernmental ties we needed that communication,” he added.

Thanks to your input, more options will head to the river in the spring. After getting input, city leaders put together a citizen committee that sent out surveys. We’re told they received thousands of responses. “We’re gonna have an amazing event,” Williams shared. “It’s gonna be an event on the water or probably some paddleboat-type racing. We’re going to have music in the amphitheater. We’re gonna also have a food component of it. We’re gonna have crafts,” he added.

Infrastructure changes will come into focus following damage from Tropical Depression Sandy including issues with one of the city’s watersheds. Thanks to a grant the city received, those issues will be fixed. “There’s some earth stabilization and some erosions that came from 2020, and we’re gonna be able to go in there with that infrastructure money and be able to fix that,” he said.

The downtown area is expected to see more than $30,000 worth of amenities added including park benches, trash cans, and bike racks. All the city lights will be changed to be more energy efficient. Also, movement will also take place to bring the Greenway up Bluff Avenue Greeneway Connector. “You will start seeing some underground utilities on Bluff Avenue,” Williams shared. “So, we can begin to bring the Greenway up bluff avenue. So that’s going to be very positive. So, I think you’ll see some growth with that,” he revealed.

A new tourism team is also in place. A new website strictly for tourism is now underway set for the beginning of the new year. Our future is really bright,” he said.

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