NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WJBF) – The North Augusta Forward Group is looking to connect two of the main attractions to the city; the Greeneway and downtown area. They proposed a 2.8 million dollar Greeneway extension to city leaders that they hope will spur North Augusta’s retail growth.

20,000 people use the North Augusta Greeneway each month but studies show those people rarely spend money in North Augusta’s downtown area. The new trail system would run through the alleys behind businesses on Georgia Avenue and stretch to Spring Grove Avenue. The Greeneway additions would be marked off and be 12 feet across, the same look as the current Greeneway. North Augusta Forward hopes the project will bring new developments downtown. “We know this is something that people want. We had focus groups last year and when the community came out, they said yes, we want a thriving downtown, we want our downtown to be the heart of North Augusta. This is a way to spur that, to get those businesses,” said North Augusta Forward Director, Mary Anne Bigger.

The proposed extensions are still being studied by the city but some city leaders have reportedly come out in favor of the project.