NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WJBF) – North Augusta City leaders are putting a pause on the  public hearing for the revised development code.

Mayor Briton Williams says there needs to be more discussion with the planning commission.

“We had had so many comments between ourselves at our council study session and the comments at the public hearing I believe we need to send this back to the planning commission with all the input we’ve received along with staff responses for them to respond to this information.”

The board is re-writing  the development code that  was last passed in 2007.

 The code will consist of new regulations for zoning and land development. It will also update the city-wide zoning map.

“And I’m going to ask Tommy to give another update, give planning commission feedback in another study session for council so we can specifically tell him which amendments and codes we want to have or change prior to a vote,” said Mayor Williams.

Leaders also discussed funding for the city’s solid waste transfer station project, to improve how they collect recyclable materials.   

“So we will have large transfer trucks with very large roll off containers once full we will then make the trip to the landfill so the benefit we’ll have a very larger truck that will make fewer trips to the landfill then each of our individual trucks,” said Rachelle Moody, assistant city administrator.