No draw down, but legal action still a float for Lock and Dam


It is an idea that help unite most of Augusta Commissioners against the idea of allowing the Army Corps of Engineers a draw down re-do.

It’s an idea many on the river are not down with, this proposal of another lowering of the Savannah River.

.”Well I thought they were foolish for not looking at past history that’s the way I look at it, said Joe Washburn who has live on he river for close to 30 years.

This is how the river looked back in February during the Corps of Engineers draw down, mud flats and dry docks, now a proposal to lower the river again.

“I don’t think we should ever give them a do over I mean basically they’re asking for a mulligan the last draw down they had to stop it early,” said Commissioner Brandon Garrett.

The proposal before the commission committee was to use the draw down to demonstrate the option known as 2-6a,which calls for a taller rock weir and would keep the downtown pool about a foot higher than the corps preferred option. but the Corps says the taller weir would increase what it calls nuisance flooding.

“Is the commission believing that will be the one the Corps pushes forward now?”

“We believe it probably will be when they release it in October I think that’s not acceptable,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Sean Frantom.

Augusta wants to keep its pool downtown, so if the Corps approves a plan that doesn’t do that, the city will consider taking legal action.

“If it’s not what the city wants all cards are on the table we got to fight the people of this community want us to fight let’s be real about it,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Frantom.

“You would support a lawsuit?”

“We’d have to this is the biggest issue we’ve faced as a community,” said Frantom.

“I think they could sue, but I don’t really think you could beat the Corps,” said Washburn.

The Corps of Engineers now saying it will release its final report mid-October based on the comments from the Mayor Pro-Tem this will not be the last word on the Lock and Dam subject

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