AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – No news in regards to an Ambulance contract was not good news for Augusta commissioners.

“Once again, I have a high level of disappointment. We’ve had a number of weeks now where we could have and should have had some sort of number to work with,” says Commissioner Alvin Mason.  

Commissioners were scheduled to be presented with a proposed contract between the city and Central EMS to be voted on. 

With this particular contract, it would include how much of a subsidy Central requires, but at the last minute, the contract was removed from consideration.  

“It really seems that part of this process was going to be to push it as far out towards the date they wanted to actually start officially to make us make a decision in a hurry, and it looks like this is exactly how this is going to play out,” says Mayor Pro-Tem Brandon Garrett.  

Talks between Central and the city started a month ago.

Two weeks ago, commissioners were calling for the proposed subsidy amount, but the Interim Administrator is not providing any details on what is holding up a proposed contract. 

“We’re pretty anxious to get the numbers. I want to make sure, and I’m hoping that it’s something we can pay.” 

Even without a contract, Central is answering calls as commissioners wait on the word of what it will cost going forward. 

“We’re not going to have an open checkbook. We don’t have a big balance in our checkbook to give away money,” says Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle.  

The administrator tells News Channel 6 that there are minor details holding up the contract and told commissioners the proposal will be ready for their meeting next week.