NORTH AUGUSTA, SC. (WJBF) – Nike’s Elite Youth Basketball League’s Peach Jam has returns to the CSRA for another year.

Since the pandemic, this is the first fully-active tournament where more than 7,000 people are expected to be in attendance.

“Um, over the course of the week I think about six to eight thousand people in town and uh we’re also looking at probably around six to eight thousand room nights,” Randy DeTeau said.

Riverview Park’s Tourism Director Randy DuTeau says more people means more of an impact to the North Augusta area.

“So the economic impact, conservatively, is probably around six to eight million dollars and some estimates have gone up to $12 million dollars for the week.”

DeTeau says this year’s turnout might be the biggest yet.

“The level of branding and I think the level of talent has just done nothing but just elevate and so what we’re seeing here is the game played in its best form– its purest form– and um I just think that the level of excitement is gonna be off the chain.”

Visitors need a ticket to attend the week-long tournament. Outside of shopping at local restaurants, the event offers concession food and snacks.

“The set up had to do with branding for the event, um, this is the premiere prep basketball tournament in the country and as such, they really go all out,” DaeTeau said.

The event began Sunday until July 24th at the Riverview Activities Center.