Next steps for booster shot rollout


ATLANTA, Ga (WJBF)- If approved by the FDA and CDC, a 3rd booster shot could rollout for fully vaccinated people starting September 20th.

“This recommendation is for the MRNA vaccine for Pfizer and Moderna. Over time the antibody response wanes and that happens, there is an increased risk o not just a mild or moderate but a severe infection,” said Dr. Cameron Webb, Senior Policy Advisory on Equity, White House Covid19 Response Team.

The White House says data shows it’s best to get the booster 8 months after your second dose.

“It looks like over time antibody levels decline until folks become at increased risk for Covid and hopefully we can get it for those who are at risk or death,” said Dr. Webb.

The CDC says vaccine efficacy wanes over time and that between the alpha and delta variants, Pfizer dropped from 76 to 42 percent efficacy while Moderna dropped 86 to 76 percent.

The White House says you can get either of the shots for your booster.

“If you did 2 doses of Pfizer, but you can only get Moderna that is acceptable. The recommendation is if you got 2 doses of Pfizer, get doses of the same,” said Dr. Phillip Coule, VP, Chief Medical Officer, Augusta University.

But since Johnson and Johnson only got the green light in march, trials are still being reviewed for its 2nd booster shot.

“There has been discussion about doing a 2nd dose for the J&J vaccine. I think some of the issues we’ve seen has caused it fall out of favor from the Delta variant,” said Dr. Coule.

The White House Covid response team says booster shots could increase antibody levels 10 fold.

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