“Everyday they bomb some houses in the city,” says Irina Martova. “In the beginning it was a lot, [but] now it is just three or four houses per night”.

Irina Martova, her husband and two of her children live in an apartment in Kiev.

Today, Dr Rodger Murchison and I spoke with Irina via zoom from an office at Augusta’s first baptist church.

Dr. Murchison first met Irina in 2020 during a mission trip.

Now, he receives frequent updates from his friend inside this war torn country.

“Often when you read the newspaper or look at the news on television, you are concerned about the people but you have a distance from them because you don’t know them personally,” says Dr. Murchison. “But now when I think of Kyiv, I think about Irena, I think about Ruslon, Anton, and Yuri: her family.”

Irina says Kiev is safer than other parts of Ukraine.

“They don’t have food, water, medicine and cannot go out from the city because the enemy is all around them and wants to kill every one who wants to leave the city.”

Irina says Kiev, Ukraine’s capitol city, is fortified against an attack.

“Just out the window, we can see tanks a lot of military machines but they are Ukrainian and this is good.”

Her oldest daughter, shown in this picture during happier time, now lives in Germany but the rest of the family made the decision to stay.

“We were offered an opportunity to leave but we prayed and we understood God wants us to stay here.”

Irina says that she relies on her faith to sustain her during this terrible tragedy.

“You get better in your faith, you get stronger, and you understand that every time you go to sleep, that God keeps you.”

Irene is saying that she has her hope and faith in God that He has not forgotten them.”

And now that we know this brave family, how could we ever forget?